Education / Further Training


In the fields of occupational hygiene, occupational safety, health protection and promotion of health, we offer practice-based courses, workshops and seminars on various topics designed to suit the needs of our clients. We can hold any of the courses on your premises if you require.

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Course Title Date
Gefo0016_1 Human Risks - Dealing with Errors on request
Arhy0016_1 The Safety Data Sheet on request
Ergo0016_1 Ergonomics at the Computer Workstation on request
FiTe0019_1 Respiratory Protection Training - Competent Fit Testing Operator according to course info
AuMe0020_1 Training Measurement Technician according to course info
FiTeA0022_1 Fit Testing Advanced according to course info

Training Programme

Praevena provides a training programme that is tailored to your enterprise, together with individual training courses and workshops. The programme with its modular design covers various topics related to health and safety, which are interleaved.
The scope and content of the modules is selected to match your wishes and the specific requirements of your enterprise.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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