Promotion of Health

Factors such as the working environment, the organisation and design of the work, have an influence on a person's health and quality of life. The promotion of health aims to strengthen people's health, by analysing the influencing factors referred to above and improving them, and also by promoting personal resources.

By ensuring bodily and mental well-being, the performance of the workers is enhanced.

Under the aspect of health promotion we offer such services as:

  • providing training courses on communication (e.g. giving and receiving feedback)
  • performing ambient air measurements, considering the psychological aspects of a poor indoor climate
  • training courses about accident prevention (e.g. how to deal with errors, risk awareness)
  • identifying ergonomic hazards (e.g. carrying heavy items, computer workstations)
  • producing and implementing health promotion programmes tailored to the specific Enterprise
  • training courses on properly positioned ergonomic computer workstations.

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