Occupational Safety

A safety culture that is properly applied in practice prevents accidents, encourages a smooth running of the business, and contributes to enhancing the success of the company.
By our practical solutions we help you as a company and your staff to meet the occupational safety requirements.

Under the aspect of occupational safety we offer such services as:

  • providing advice on all questions relevant to safety
  • carrying out investigations to determine hazards and assess risks in relation to processes and projects
  • producing risk portfolios
  • selection and proper use of suitable work equipment (e.g. inspecting the work equipment being used, instructing the employees in the proper use of work equipment)
  • selection and proper use of the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), (e.g. evaluation of suitable PPE such as protective gloves, instructing the employees in the right way to put the PPE on and take it off).
  • setting up safety plans
  • carrying out on-site safety inspections (e.g. construction site inspections)
  • helping to ensure compliance with EKAS Directive 6508, which requires enterprises to reduce the number and severity of occupational accidents and diseases in the long term by using the services of occupational safety experts
  • performing audits

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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