There are various reasons why it may be effective or necessary to take measurements of substances present in the air, water and other materials.

We organise or supervise the measurements, or perform them ourselves, and compose reports assessing their impact on occupational hygiene, and propose measures to be taken for any possible improvements.

In what follows we give you some idea of the measurements we carry out:

  • performing quantitative tests of the fit / proper seal of respirators
    (full face masks, half masks, disposable half masks)
  • determining the concentration of substances in the workplace, maximum permitted values for the workplace (e.g. pollutants, pharmaceutical substances)
  • detecting highly active substances (e.g. cytostatic drugs)
  • recording the quality of air in the room (e.g. climatic parameters, odours, noise level
  • monitoring the effectiveness of protective devices
  • quality of the inhaled air from external air circulation systems (air supply for full-body protective suit)
  • testing the performance of technical equipment (e.g. isolator, glovebox, fume cupboards) with regard to exposure reduction and retention capacity in actual practice by using recognised methods (e.g. SMEPAC)
  • performing health inspections of air processing systems (ventilation equipment), (in accordance with the directive SWKI VA104-01 / VDI 6022)
  • testing fitness for human consumption and purity of water (e.g. drinking water)
  • testing hot water systems and cooling towers (e.g. regarding legionella)

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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