Health Protection

Health is a very valuable asset to have. The aim of health protection is to take preventative action by applying effective measures to avoid work-related health disorders and occupational diseases.
The employee is responsible by law to ensure safety and health protection at the workplace (Labour Act ArG, Accident Insurance Act UVG). We help you to comply with these requirements, and take all the steps necessary to protect your employees.

Under the aspect of health protection we offer such services as:

  • taking measurements at the workplace
  • producing occupational safety and health protection plans to ensure compliance with EKAS Directive 6508, which requires enterprises to reduce the number and severity of occupational accidents and diseases in the long term by using the services of occupational safety experts
  • training courses on healthy working conditions
  • systematic analyses of work procedures and processes
  • helping to identify contaminated building material (e.g. during dismantling, gutting) and advising on how to take the appropriate protective measures
  • training programmes specially designed for learners
  • assisting in setting up a management system for occupational safety and health protection, and its certification to OHSAS 18001
  • advice and training on the correct use of safety data sheets (e.g. assessment of hazards and risks of chemicals, the REACH ordinance, and the "Globally Harmonized System")

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