Occupational Hygiene

People can be negatively affected at the workplace by environmental influences that are unpleasant or harmful to health. The purpose of occupational hygiene services is to apply suitable measures to protect the employees from the following hazards:

  • physical hazards (e.g. noise, effects of temperature)
  • chemical hazards (e.g. pharmaceutical substances, cleaning agents)
  • biological hazards (e.g. micro-organisms in water, fungi)
  • ergonomic hazards (e.g. carrying heavy items, computer workstations)

We are pleased to advise and support you in applying suitable preventative measures. We assist you in implementing and evaluating the steps that have been planned.

We also assist you in finding out the causes for environmental influences that are harmful to health, and in working out and applying in practice the appropriate protective measures.

Under the aspect of occupational hygiene we offer such services as:

  • checking to see that the workplace limits are complied with (e.g. climatic parameters, concentration of contaminants, noise levels)
  • analysis and examination of environmental influences in open-plan offices (e.g. air, noise, odours, lighting)
  • optimising work procedures and processes by using the TOP scheme (Technical, Organisational, Personnel measures)
  • Performing analyses of the workplace and work area, producing occupational hygiene plans
  • Prophylactic measures against occupational illness
  • Assisting with building conversion work and when building new offices, workshops and laboratories
  • Inspecting the protective devices (e.g. extraction systems, glovebox, equipment, isolators)

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.





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