Testing the Fit of Respirators

The right use of breathing protection ensures that the employees are protected from inhaling substances harmful to health. Various factors affect the proper mounting of the respirator, such as the shape of the head and face.
There are different methods of inspecting the good sealed fit of a respirator, for example by using qualitative or quantitative tests of the fit. In quantitative fit-tests, the number of particles outside and inside the mask are compared and presented as the fit-factor.

Advantages of quantitative fit-tests:

  • objectivity, because the test result does not depend on the subjective feeling and assessment of the person wearing the protective respirator;
  • comparability of results because standardised measuring procedures are used;
  • documentation of the results;
  • simulation of the realistic use in practice;
  • attention is paid to the shape of each individual's head and face.

A fit-test is suitable for all employees who use full masks, half masks or disposable half masks. By using the fit-test the right respiratory protection for the individual can be determined. Each person who wears breathing protection is given his or her own personal certificate.
It is not only important to choose the right respirator, it also has to be used correctly, to protect the employee's respiratory organs.

Our services:

  • A qualified specialist carries out the quantitative fit-testing.
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Advising on the choice of the right protective breathing device.
  • Training about the proper use of protective Respirators.

Dates 2021:

Every first Monday of the month we will carry out quantitative fit-testing in our facilities in Rheinfelden. Dates already set for the present year can be found here. Prior registration is mandatory.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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